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Fantasy Costume Design

Posted on 23 April, 2019 at 7:25

Fantasy Costume Design:

Fantasy Stories:

Fantasy stories are often placed within the author's mind in an imaginary 'history'. It is good to use known history as a starting basis ready to expand into your own alternative history.


I am including for your use today a female figure as an example of a starting point (many more to follow).

The example here is of a Lady dresses in the style of Anglo-Saxon and Danish of the era 450-1066.

Dress styles would change very slowly unlike our current times, or as fantasy, other eras can be worked together, whatever you are inspired to do.

Be Creative:

Look to create a colourful dress board by pinning the example in the centre of your work space. Search out small pieces of fabric examples on how you would like your costume design to look.

Adornments would have been used of broaches, made from gold and silver; beads would also be popular for necklaces.

Embroidery was another decorative approach, along with natural dye-stuff for added colour.


The fabrics used would have been hand spun and woven, then stitched by hand. A lengthy process which would mean clothes would last. Wool and linen would have been the main fibres used. Leather was also incorporated as edgings for cloaks and foot wear.

An undergarment would be worn with long sleeves and overgarments would be worn shorter.

. . . And So Into Fantasy:

Do have fun creating your own design board, be bold, stepping outside of the normal, after all in fantasy all 'rules' can be changed for your own purpose and to enhance your own story. It will bring a depth to your creativity.

The Saxon Lady 

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