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Science Fiction or Science Fact

Posted on 22 April, 2019 at 9:05

Science Fiction or Science Fact

Stephen Hawking:

Born: 18th January 1942 – Died 14th March 2018 in Cambridge, U.K.

A well known British Professor of Theoretical Physics – Cosmologist, Who suffered for 50 years with the degenerative motor neurone disease (MND), which eventually left him both paralysed and without speech.

I was drawn to watch a YouTube concerning his last and final paper working with co-author Thomas Hurka – Professor of Philosophy at the University of Toronto.

The paper 'A Smooth Exit From Eternal Inflation?' was published in the the Journal of High Energy Physics, on 27th April 2018.

Big Bang Theory:

Hawking had been looking at the mathematical probability of multi-universes, and has suggested the sending of a spaceship with a probe, into a black hole in search of this theory.

Also he discusses the possibilities of - at the moment of the 'Big Bang' theory, other universes were created.

Move To Another Universe?:

Stephen Hawking goes on to say, that we, as a race should be looking to move off our planet Earth, in this world of science before it is too late and it fades into blackness, 'National Geographic'.

The suggestion is to find another planet, the question is perhaps another universe? This multi-universes has concerned Hawking since 1983.

Russian Scientist:

Around twenty years prior, a Russian scientist had written an article concerning multi-universes, so this is not a new theory.

. . . And So Into Fantasy:

Within my own triple trilogy books, 'The Dream Time Games' (unpublished), the first book 'Padlight' (read to several audiences), the main characters leave this universe into a neighbouring universe and arrived briefly on the 'Fish Planet', with the statement that this neighbouring universe may also be recalled!

. . . so not a wise move on behalf of scientists. Our universe is one of six about to be recalled as they fade into blackness or become newly formed unstable universes at a much denser level.

Over the years, through many near death portal experiences, I have gradually mapped the formation of the layers of multi-universes. I have discovered they extend beyond count, beyond multiples of trillions at each level. There are multiples of 'Big Bangs'. I have also discovered there is a scientific order of all universes, and that I shall unveil within my fantasy book series.

So Enjoy the Curiosity of the Mind:

Do enjoy the curiosity of the mind, it's all great fun, and the answers are there within, not 'out there'.

The Conclusion:

Science has always lagged far behind matters of an open heart, where much IS, but often not shared, for the universe will unfold to all. It is a matter of time before the two converge.


Science fact, science fiction and fantasy are all interwoven, there are many truths hidden within. Just listen to your heart.

Just a final note for today:

Just keep an open mind and allow these matters to come through.

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