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Not an Apocalyptic End of Times, but the Coming of New Earth



True Sidereal Western Astrology system

(This means that the actual star constellations are in the sky NOW!)

Astrology has been a lifelong passion.

I was fascinated as a six year old I would looked up into the night sky. Excitedly I would search the skies for the constellations I knew . . . firstly Cassiopaea in the shape of a 'W' then I would seek out The Plough, also known as 'The Great Bear' picking out the two stars to measure the sky to bring me to the North Star of Polaris in the 'Frying Pan' known as the Little Bear. The 'Seven Sisters' from The Pleiades, part of Taurus.

However, the constellation Orion  require more searching as it hides from the sky then gradually returns. Seeking out the belt of Alnitak, Alnilam and  Mintaka. then the wider picture. Yet I would feel darkness that did not sit well for me even back then.

Time continued . . .

Astrology continued to fascinate me.

However, Easter Vedic Astrology did not fully capture me.

Western Astrology, did not reflect the true in day to day events.

With the more recently rising of Sidereal Western Astrology, it felt like the Eastern and Western astrology worlds are meeting, it was time for me to delve deeper.

I intend to be offering to you intuitive Natal Chart Interpretations.

Should you wish to take advantage of this, as I progress, I will soon be offering heavily discounted prices,  held for 2022.

For your reading message me using the contact form.   Contact my team using the inquiry form.

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