Diane Derrick

Diane Derrick

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“Padlight": a Book for Young Adults

Diane Derrick brings long and winding tales about the adventures of Esme  Messenger in a triple trilogy with a title of Padlight taken from a well known University, in the star system of Pleiades. The first completed book in this instalment of The Dream Time Games is Padlight. This story weaves annals of historical fantasy into this amazing journey.

The Possibility of a Movie

Other books will follow, as soon as Diane is done updating the maps for this series. The remaining eight books are at various stages of completion.

However, there is now a 10th book coming into focus  within extensive records on this fantasy histories revolving around the story. The 10th book that is emerging, is a stand alone book, a bit like The Hobbit before The Lord Of The Rings

There has been approaches with the offer of film contracts over the years, so they will most certainly go into film. The author is preparing to launch the books independently and followers of her newsletters will be kept up to date with these launches.

The Weight and Charm of Experience

Diane comes from an older, much more venerable generation, where the word “friend” is used as a noun, and not as a transitive verb that is so popular now in the age of social networks. She started writing 60 years ago, and has always preferred the solitude of the countryside, as it aligns with her story.

Get in Touch With Us

Diane’s first book will be available to readers all over the world. Contact her using the inquiry form. Fill it out with your full name, phone number, email address, and message. She’ll get back to you as soon as she can.

A New Book Is Coming Into Fruition

Diane is working on a pre series stand alone book. 

This book is setted in Hidden Earth.

Historically it is set before her Dream Time Games series, from a Hilldot - a type of garden gnome race of beings also living in Hidden Earth.

Some way to go yet in the building of this book. We shall keep you updated when it has been completed.


Elite Membership is coming to you

I would like to reach out to you. I am setting up an elite membership, of which there is a limited number, not to be repeated, spaces available. The purpose of this elite membership is to share with you both my far reaching insights and also the unfolding of these insights through fantasy books and film.

If you, or if you know of anyone else that this opportunity would appeal to; with an email address, I can forward details of what is entailedto have included in this membership, please reach out to me.

It is a great honour and delight for me to be part of this tribe and to have found such wonderful people.

With much Love,